Z Visa Application UK – A Guide

Z Visa: A Guide to China Visa Application Service Centre

Steps for a Z Visa application

Please see the steps for a Z Visa application below (Z Visa means a work visa for China):

  1. Copy and Paste the URL: https://www.visaforchina.org/ then you get to this website of Chinese Visa Application Service Centre .
  2. Choose the country and city where you will apply for your visa. (take London, UK for example).
  3. Click “Quick Access”.
  4. Find the section “China Visa Applicant” and click “New Application Form”.
  5. Read the lines carefully, especially the “Instruction for online visa application form”. Then click “Agree”
  6. Choose “Start a new application”. (The sections listed on the left side should be complete one by one in order).
  7. For Section 1, fill out all the information required and click save. Then proceed to the next section. (In this part, an application number is created but it will only be valid after all sections are completed)
  8. For Section 2, select “Z visa”  –  “Foreign Expert working in China” and fill out the visa details.
  • validity: 12 month
  • duration: 365 days
  • single entry
  1. Decide if you want the express or normal service. Click “Save” and then proceed to next section.
  2. For section 3, fill out all the work information required if you are employed (current employment). Or Click “Not Applicable” if you are unemployed. Click “Save” and proceed to next section. See picture pictures below.
  3. For Section 4 and Section 5, fill out all education and family information required. Click “Save” and proceed to next section.
  4. For Section 6, please fill out emergency contact (required). – you do not need to have your flight booked as it OK to put down intended date of travel.  Please fill out the information requested in section 6.1 and 6.2 – we suggest that you ask your school representative to confirm the details You do not need to fill out section 6.5.
  5. In section 7, section 8 and section 9, please fill out all the required sections.
  6. Review and confirm all the information you have put in, click “Submit the application form”. Copy the application number that is generated.
  7. Go back to “Quick Access” and find “Appointment (Application)”.
  8. Fill out the contact information. Paste the application number.Z Visa, work visa for China

See you in China!