WOW! Three long years of ongoing covid restrictions are announced as over in China!

You can work in China in 2023 as China lifted covid restrictions. In particular, after careful examination, on Tuesday (27 December 2022) the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally announced they would lift the covid restrictions in China. Covid-rules and covid-restrictions became part of everyday life for those individuals who were working in China, and affected the lives of those, who planned to travel and work in China.  A period of three long years of waiting and supporting our experts and teachers are just transformed into a positive and thriving future!

A view from a hotel window during quarantine, Guangzhou (China).New rules imply no quarantine.
A morning view from a hotel window during isolation, Guangzhou (China). New rules imply NO quarantine/isolation.


There are several new brief points for consideration.

1. Foreign nationals are welcome to China!

It was reported that the processing of work visas, business visas, student visas, family visiting visas will now be facilitated.

2.There is no need to apply for a Health Declaration Code (HDC)

There is no need to apply for a Health Declaration Code (HDC) from P.R.C. embassies and consulates abroad anymore.

3.The number of flights will be increased

Limits for international flights will be abolished, route distribution will be optimised.

The above interim measures will be implemented from January 8, 2023.

Chinese embassies and consulates abroad will also issue corresponding notices.

China will continue to improve the scientific and accurate level of prevention and control, and create better conditions for safe, healthy, and orderly exchanges between Chinese and foreign personnel. The State Council have formulated interim measures for Chinese and foreign travellers after the implementation of Category B for the new coronavirus infection.

Work in China! Teach in China! Fulfill your dream!

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