Ten perks of living in China

Living in China: Let us have a look at the highlights

It is almost obvious for any foreigner to face culture shock when they move into a new country. Living in China is life changing. Safety in China is exceptional when compared to other coutnries. I feel that China should be on everybody’s radar, even if for a short visit. You will almost love everything about China; the people, their language, culture and many more.

1. Inexpensive costs of living in China

The cost of living in China is pretty low compared to America and Europe, for instance. The Chinese government has purposely kept the value of its currency low to make life easier for the citizens. Everything in China is cheap; food, house rent, transport, clothing, electronics and so on. For example, you will spend 315 USD per year for internet, 16USD per month on your phone plan. It gets better, to hire a housemaid (ayi), you only need to pay 6 USD per hour, just agree on how many hours she stays to get your work done. Basically, life in China is affordable. This can translate into great savings and investment on your side. (Find out more here)

2.Magnificent food in China

China is home to a wonderfully diverse food culture. Chinese food is known to be highly delicious and comes with a huge variety. Regional cuisines such as Tibetan, Xinjiang, Taiwanese, Dongbei, Yunnan, and Sichuan are fantastic. You should try Chinese dishes while in China. The food comes with reasonable prices except for the tier 1 hotels that charge higher prices.

3.Everything is new in China

In China, almost everything is new; from basic utilities to hotels, airports, gyms, restaurants and parks. China is a shining country. Their economy is booming and on a spending spree to improve the image of their country. The Chinese government has huge investments in its domestic economy, especially in construction and development.

4.Safety in China

China is one safe place to be. You can easily take a walk in the wee hours of the night and do not have to be nervous about being attacked. They have modern security systems in place and their culture is a great contributor to this safety. Cases of burglary, assault or theft are very few in China.

5. Money and time in one package in China

This is the absolute beauty of living in China. When we have money, we lack time to spend it on ourselves. When we have all the time, we are too broke to afford a good thing. In China, money and time come as a package. You make money and still find time to spend it. You have enough to spend on yourself; eating out, shopping, visiting spas, travelling and while at it do not forget to save some more.

6.Transport and travel in China

China is a vast country. It is made up of 22 provinces. Make time to visit some places and get to see Chinas beautiful scenery. There is a lot to see in China. At the same time, travelling is very affordable. There is an extensive network of airports that are regularly upgrading. High-speed trains criss-cross the country and further improve the convenience of travelling. If you are residing in a big city, it is easy to hail a cab. You do not necessarily have to own a car in China. Public transport is highly affordable; there are subway systems, commuter buses and bike sharing.  The Chinese have a similar application to Uber, called Didi (English version available).

7.Beautiful scenery in China

China’s scenery is a sight to behold! The human-made scenery includes the architectural know-how that I put into Chinese building and design of skyscrapers, houses, parks, and other recreational sites. China also plays host to beautiful natural scenery such as: Changbai Mountain in Jilin, Yunnan Stone Forest Geological Park, Landscape of Mountains and Rivers in Guilin, Clouds Sea on Mount Huang, Three Gorges of Yangtze River, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan, Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve in Sichuan and many more. Make a point of visiting these places during your stay in China.

8.Convenience in China

Everything is at your fingertips in China. Most houses are located near eateries and metro shops. Home services are readily available so that you can receive such services from the comfort of your home. Deliveries are also made available by restaurants, supermarkets and shopping sites such as Taobao and Alibaba. All you have to do is shop and pay and the goods and services will be delivered to your doorstep. Transport is also convenient thanks to the cab services, commuter buses and subway systems.

9.Great culture and language in China

In China, the most commonly spoken language is Mandarin. Most foreigners are enrolled in Mandarin classes to enhance communication with the locals. This is the language that is favoured by the media, education sector and the government. In China, people are known to be warm, kind, friendly and considerate. Foreigners are treated as guests. They are always willing to help when one is stuck and will probably want to share their snack with you. Their culture teaches them to pick up good values and respect.

10.Endless opportunities in China

Anything you want can happen in China. Do you have an idea? The Chinese will gladly help you to implement it. People in China are a highly industrious lot and respond very positively to money. No order is too tall or too complex for them. At the same time, there are plenty of opportunities for employment, creativity, entrepreneurship, invention and innovation. All you need is to tap that potential considering the economy.

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