Teaching in China: 3 new features of the interviewing process for a teaching job in China

Teaching in China continues to stay an interesting option for the career development of many people. Competition for obtaining a teaching job in China is growing too. As a consequence, the education bureau and schools in various cities have established new, stricter, rules for the selection process of successful candidates.

New features of the interviewing process for teaching in China

These are three new features that were introduced in 2023:

1. Schools can ask a successful candidate for one or more meetings online 

A representative from your school that approved your application can have one or meetings online before your move to China. It is done to firstly, get to know each other before flying to China, as well as for a chance to exchange questions and answers.

2. Schools can require additional documents for a teaching job in China

If you had teaching experience before coming to China, then the school may ask you to get a Reference letter from the organisation where you practised your teaching skills earlier, especially if you are intending to teach primary or kindergarten level.

3. Schools can ask for a demo-lesson prior teaching in China

Demo-lessons are a practical explanation and demonstration of your lesson plan, they will want to establish that you are considering the chosen topic and age of the students. It can be done in the format of a video, or a live session during a video call with the school.
A demo-lesson is one of the tasks on the Teach English as a Foreign Language Course (TEFL Course). If you took the Course, you most probably, will understand how to prepare it.
If you haven’t received your TEFL Certificate yet, you’ll need to start the TEFL Course for your work visa in China.
If you have no idea what to do, and how to prepare for your demo-lesson, we will be happy to help and assist you!

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