3 important steps to teaching in China legally

Teaching in China requires certain preparation and patience. The education bureau in certain provinces require a teacher to arrive in time in China when the new semester starts. So, we advise you to prepare your documents for a Z visa in advance if you are really interested to work and teach in China.

1. Check eligibility requirements for teaching in China before applying for a job in China

China has requirements for candidates who want to work and teach in China legally. According to the requirements of the government of China, native speakers are allowed to teach English (the list of the qualifying countries for applicants who are allowed to be admitted as native-speakers, can be found here; Get a work visa for China – Pioneer & Beyond (pioneerbeyond.com))

Non-native speakers can teach the subject of their degree major if they have two years of teaching experience.

Kindergarten teachers should have kindergarten teaching degree, or a BA in any subject as well as 1 or 2 years of kindergarten experience.

Bachelor Degree is a minimum requirement for every candidate. If you have a Diploma that is of the same level as a Bachelor degree (Level 6), you may not qualify under the rules of the Chinese government.

Police clearance certificate must have no criminal record.

A Candidate needs to have a TEFL or TESOL Certificate.

These documents need to be legalized for Mainland China.

2. Apply for a work visa

The work visa process in China is different from other countries.

It has two stages:

2.1. Receiving a Z visa for China

A successful candidate shall receive a Z visa in their country from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (Consulate section) which is a sticker in their passport that allows entry to China for work purposes.

2.2.  Work and Residence permits for teaching in China

After a teacher arrives in China, their Employer shall finalise the work visa process. They’ll receive a Residence Permit (another sticker) in the teacher’s passport within 30 days upon arrival in China (it will be added to another page of the teacher’s passport, and it is based on the Work permit issued with the help and assistance of the Employer in China too).

3. Avoid working elsewhere in China

As mentioned earlier, there is a Work permit issued for every teacher in China. This document contains a name of the Employer in China. A teacher must work only for the Employer as per their Work permit.

The requirements are subject to changes. Some provinces may have revised rules. The requirements change on an ongoing basis.

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See you in China!

The author of the article: Legal Director Pioneer & Beyond