Shenzhen City Guide

An English Teacher’s Tour of Shenzhen: All The Essential Information You Need

Shenzhen is in southern China. It is a modern commercial and financial metropolis. Shenzhen ranks as one of the most populous and wealthiest cities in China. Besides teaching English in China’s Shenzhen City, there is so much more you can do during your stay there.

Best time to go to Shenzhen: Weather

Shenzhen weather is generally average. The city experiences the four seasons. However, they are not elaborate due to its sub-tropical location. The best time to visit Shenzhen is between the months of October and April. The temperature in Shenzhen ranges between 25oC and 33oC.

Getting around Shenzhen: Transport

Shenzhen has extensive transport options. Air transport is available at Shenzhen Bao’an Airport. It operates domestic and international flights. Similarly, railway transport is available. Speed trains operate between Shenzhen and other major cities in China. Likewise, long-distance buses are an alternative for intercity travel. Ferries move people on water from Bao’an International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport. There are 8 subway lines in Shenzhen that also move from city to city. City buses and taxis help with movement within Shenzhen.

What to see in Shenzhen: Attractions and sites

There are over 200 sites and attractions to visit in Shenzhen. Most of these places are accessible by metro buses and taxis.

Splendid China

Splendid China showcases China’s historical relics, natural landscape and cultural folk houses. It holds 82 detailed miniatures of major cities in China moulded to scale. These miniatures have most of the details about these cities. There are cultural folk houses. Here, traditional celebrations happen along with folk and dance. Entry tickets to this site vary between 100-225CNY (19.45-33.20 USD)


Shenzhen has to major beaches namely Dameisha Beach and Xiaomeisha Beach. Dameisha Beach is the longest beach located to the east of Shenzhen on Mirs Bay. Xiaomeisha Beach is crescent-shaped with a forest of coconut palm trees. Enjoy swimming, riding motorboats, basking in the sun, horse riding and strolls along the beach. At night, enjoy barbeque prepared at the beaches. Entry charges to the beaches range between 30-50CNY (4.40-7.40USD).

The Window of the World

This site replicates the wonders of the world, major historical and scenic sites. It gives an idea of how these major sites look although you may not have seen them in real life. These miniatures are moulded to scale. Some of those sites you will see here are Ancient Athens, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tower of London, Pyramids of Egypt and many more. Admission to this site ranges between 80-200CNY (11.80-29.50USD)

Safari Park in Shenzhen

This is a major zoo in Shenzhen, surrounded by mountains. It has over 300 species of animals. These include pandas, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, tigers, elephants and many more. Also, the park has different sections according to the living habits of the animals. There is the wild beast area, herbivorous area and ocean life. The park holds animal performances. Animals role-play different activities such as dancing. Each animal performance attracts different charges. Entry tickets to Safari Park are 45-55CNY (6.64-8.11USD)

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

This is a multifunctional botanical garden. Most noteworthy, designed for tourism, scientific research and collection of plant species. An exhibition hall displays each plant species present in this garden. The garden has over 70,000 plant species. It has seventeen sections, divided according to the type of plants. You will pay between 5-15CNY (0.74-2.21USD) to gain access into this garden.

Hotels in Shenzhen

Hotels in Shenzhen are either tier one or tier two. They locate within or a few miles from the city and found within a short radius of the city centre. Usually, it can be within a walking distance or a short drive. Most hotels provide internet services, room service, laundry services, gymnasium, swimming pool, free parking, spa services, and restaurant services. Also, they provide airport pick up services, have bars and lounges. Even more, some allow their visitors to bring their pets with them. Most charge from 40$ to 400$ for their excellent services. Some hotels you can visit arrest Regis Shenzhen, Four Seasons Shenzhen, Intercontinental Shenzhen, Grand Hyatt, and Kempinski Hotel.

Restaurants in Shenzhen

Being a metropolis Shenzhen has an influx of immigrants. Shenzhen restaurants provide a variety of cuisines. Enjoy the fine Chinese delicacies in the city, especially the China roast duck. You will find all types of restaurants in Beijing; Chinese, Western, Michelin, vegetarian, Halal food, seafood, hot pot restaurants, buffets as well as fast food joints. Most offer desserts and drinks. Food will cost you between 0.92$ to 10$ per item ordered depending on the kind of restaurant you dine.

Shopping in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the home of fashion and electronic goods. Visit Luohu Commercial City to shop for inexpensive Chinese replica of brand watches, clothes, handbags, electronics, toys, jewellery, and crafts. Practice caution when shopping here since you could fall for fake goods.

Numerous electronic markets, as well as men and women’s fashion, are on Huaqiangbei Commercial Street. It has over 20 shopping malls where you could walk in for your electronic and clothes shopping. Furthermore, SEG computer market is a popular 72-floor mall. It is popular with computer hardware, software and accessories. You will also find NICO Women World Fashion here. They offer a wide variety of clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewellery and cosmetics.

Walk into MixC Shopping Mall, the largest shopping mall in Shenzhen. This mall targets pure luxury shoppers. It sells goodies from brand names such as Burberry, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and BVLGARI to mention a few. Even more, you will also find high-end eateries such as KFC, Starbucks, Pizzahut, and others.

Shenzhen Nightlife

Enjoy shopping by night at Luohu Commercial Area, North Hauqing area and Dungmen Commercial Area. Purchase souvenirs, craftwork, handicrafts, toys, clothes, electronics and accessories. You may also visit Dameisha Beach and Xiaomeisha Beach for night barbeques.

In Shenzhen, there are plenty of bars, clubs and live nights where you can have some fun over a couple of drinks. Night shows showcase comedy and acrobatic talents. Popular local and international bands play live music in pubs and clubs.

Let your eyes enjoy the beautiful scenery at the Water show at OCT Bay. Fountains of water shoot up colourfully and rhythmically.

Shenzhen is a city packed with activity. During your stay as you teach English in China, make time away from work and visit the places mentioned in this article.

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