Pre-Departure Bits and Bobs – Teach in China

On the plane

Before your flight lands on Chinese ground, you will be handed an arrival card. A yellow and white rectangular piece of paper which you will need to fill in before you go through immigration.

 You’ll need to fill in:

  • Your name, date of birth and passport number
  • Your Visa number
  • Your flight number
  • Purpose of visit (eg. Employment)
  • Intended address in China (this could be the hotel you are staying at when you first arrive)




Arrival Departure Card when entering or leaving China
Arrival Departure Card when entering or leaving China

On Arrival

Registering with the Police

You need to register with the local police in China within 24 hours when;

  • you first arrive in China
  • you move to a new address in China
  • you renew your visa
  • you travel and don’t stay in a hotel

Foreign Nationals and Individuals That Intent to Teach English in China Must Register with Local Police within 24 Hours. More information here

and here!

If your first night in China is spent in a hotel, you can ignore this as the hotel staff will do it for you. If you are staying in private accommodations, please ask the school for help and assistance to make sure that you bring the right documents.


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