Pioneer & Beyond contributes to the UK-China talents exchanges for the better UK-China cooperation

The Pioneer & Beyond team participated in the Guangdong province economic initiative in London on the 5th September (2023) which focused on different sectors of the UK and China economies from the perspective of UK-China cooperation, facilitating  contractual and UK-China talents exchanges.

1. A welcoming speech from Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles

The Chairman of the Britain Business Council, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles introduced the event and welcomed the Chinese business entourage outlining the vision the British Business community had for the future, which would bring about a win-win situation for both countries. He also emphasized the importance of cooperation between the UK and China.

Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles
Chairman The China-Britain Business Council

2. A welcoming speech from Ms. Bao Ling

Ms. Bao Ling the Minister for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Chinese Embassy in the UK then spoke specifically about Guangdong and the strong position Guangzhou has in industry, particularly in the technical innovation areas.

Ms. Bao Ling
Minister for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Chinese Embassy in the UK

3. Mr. Lin Keqing welcomed the guests and participants

Mr. Lin Keqing, Chairman CPPCC GD Committee, welcomed the guests and participants of the UK-China initiative on cooperation in different spheres of economies. This is a wonderful opportunity as it allows people from both the UK and China to meet and discuss different projects, and help to understand each other better.

Mr. Lin Keqing
Chairman CPPCC GD Committee

4. Mr. YANG Wenlong presented Yangjiang city

Mr. YANG Wenlong who is Chairman of the CPPCC, Yangjiang City Committee, presented Yangjiang city which is a city where business partners can proceed to future successes..

4-YANG Wenlong-Chairman-CPPCC-Yangjiang-City-Committee
YANG Wenlong
Chairman of the CPPCC Yangjiang City Committee

5. Mr. Luo Junyu introduced “One-Hour Economic Circle”

Mr. LUO Junyu, the Deputy District Chief, of the Sanshui District, Foshan, spoke about the diversified transportation network “One-Hour Economic Circle”.

LUO-Junyu-Deputy-District-Chief-Sanshui- District-Foshan
Mr. LUO Junyu
Deputy District Chief, Sanshui District, Foshan

6. Mr. Andrew Seaton spoke about the UK as a primary choice for Chinese investment

Mr. Andrew Seaton, Chief Executive of the China-Britain Business Council, spoke about the emergence from both the Covid pandemic and Brexit. He stated that the UK continues to be a premier destination for Chinese investment. In particular, the UK completed more transactions than France and Germany combined (UK – €4.2 billion, Germany – €2.1 billion, France – €1.6 billion). The World Bank ranks the UK in the top 10 global markets for ease of doing business (No.8).

The UK as the leading destination for Chinese investment in Europe, supports thousands of companies and jobs across the whole of the UK and generates significant revenues across a wide range of sectors:

  • Over 61,000 employees of the 845 largest Chinese-owned companies worked in the UK in 2021;
  • over 100,000 British jobs were supported by the UK’s economic ties with China;
  • £63 million is the total revenues of the 845 largest Chinese-owned companies in the UK in 2021;
  • over 30,000 Chinese-owned companies operated in the UK in 2021;
  • 139 UK HEIs and 232 Chinese universities are currently engaged in various forms of cooperation.
Andrew Seaton
Chief Executive China-Britain Business Council

7. Mr. Laurence Huang expanded on the cooperation between China and the UK

Laurence Huang, Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Market Access of AstraZeneca China spoke about different aspects of the UK-China cooperation in pharmaceutical and biotechnology spheres.

AstraZeneca PLC is a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with their headquarters at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus which is located in Cambridge, England, the UK.

Laurence Huang
Vice-President Corporate Affairs & Market Access of AstraZeneca China


This was an informative meeting outlining the areas intention to continue to cooperate in a two-way employment and investment plan working closely with the UK on all levels.

Pioneer & Beyond is looking forward to working with a number of companies, organisations and institutions who are searching for British high level experts in industry and education to join their staff in Guangdong, as well as assisting in and contributing to the contractual and talent exchanges between the UK and China: in particular British and Chinese companies, organisations and institutions.