National Day Celebrations in China

China National Day Celebrations

The celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

China celebrates National Day Celebrations on 1st October every year. It is also known as Guoqing Jie. Commemoration of the formation of the Peoples Republic of China happens on this day. It is a day of great cultural importance in China. It is also a symbol of China’s independence and sovereignty. Likewise, it a reflection of China’s government system.China National Day holiday stretches for seven days. It begins on the 1st October and ends on 7th October. This gave rise to the holiday being called the ‘Golden Week’. It makes the second longest holiday in China after the New Year’s Festival which goes on for 15 days. Normally, the holiday should extend for 3 days. Seems like the government of China saw it necessary to extend by a few days. 

History of China National Day

For many years, a series of dynasties ruled China. The dynasties shared and handed over power to each other through formal occasions. After years of struggle, China communist party won independence for China. Mao Zedong managed to push Kai-Shek and his nationalists out of mainland China.On 1st October 1949, Mao Zedong, leader of the communist party declared the formation of the People’s Republic of China. A large ceremony was held at Tiananmen Square to celebrate independence. To date, Tiananmen Square holds all National Day celebrations in Beijing. Mao Zedong’s portrait hangs at the entrances of Tiananmen Square. Notably, Mao Zedong is one of the most revered leaders in China.When China gained her independence, Mao Zedong liaised with the Soviets. They helped him to reform the government and put China in a social order. Within a few years, China had transformed. 

Activities for China National Day Holiday

In the weeks leading up to the holiday, flags and lanterns are hung on the streets. The media sensitizes the public and reminds them of Chinas struggle for independence. They remind citizens that the independence China enjoys came at a price. It is always a good time to celebrate the heroes who fought for China’s freedom. Generally, there is a nationalistic and patriotic aura in the air.Below are the activities that take place on National Day Holiday celebrations:

Military parades and reviews

China conducts military parades and reviews on every five year and ten-year celebrations. They are a sign of national achievement. Similarly, they are a means of building pride and confidence among the people of China.Military parades also incorporate government organized concerts and fireworks. The concerts are a way of providing fun activities to the citizens. Government leaders also give speeches on the state of the nation and other strategic plans.The Chinese government sanctions fireworks. They use high-quality explosives and rockets. They use red and gold explosive colours, which are the national colours of China. 

Travel, leisure and food

During the Golden week, many people in China travel and engage in leisure activities. Some travel from urban areas into the rural areas. All this in an effort to enjoy the calm and quiet in rural areas.Others visit different cities and enjoy different activities and food. Most restaurants are open till late. This gives locals and visitors alike a chance to enjoy good food. Thus, most hotels and restaurants record an increased number of patrons during the Golden Week. Musical and live concerts entertain clients.Similarly, a large number of people travel to visit their families and friends to bond with them. It is great to join together with family after long periods of work. Above all, it helps to build family cohesion. Coupled with that, it also helps to reduce work-related stress.For the reason that many people travel, fare tickets tend to be expensive. It is advisable that you book your tickets early if you plan to travel. Similarly, avoid travelling on the first, second and last days of the holiday. Most terminuses get crowded. Besides that, fare tickets are expensive due to high demand. 


Malls, shopping streets and departmental stores are open for long hours during the holiday. In addition to that, they offer huge discounts on their items in an effort to increase their sales. At the same time, vendors display patriotic crafts and paintings for sale.Most noteworthy, people save up for their holidays. Therefore, they would be willing to purchase what is pleasing to them. Fashion, household and technology make the most sales during this period. In conclusion, as a teacher of English in China, you will enjoy all the national holidays. Moreover, the Golden Week will be no exception. Plan to tour the city you teach. However, if you have to travel far, make your travel arrangements prior. You will enjoy China’s national heritage as they commemorate their independence.