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Foreign Oral English teachers

Foreign Subject (PE, MUSIC, ART) teachers


  • Prepare and deliver English/Subject lessons as a compulsory course;
  • Make appropriate teaching plans according to the levels of the students;
  • Assesses students’ performance and provides feedback;
  • Maximum teaching hours: 20 per week (Monday to Friday);
  • Attend staff meetings in order to remain current about educational policies, special procedures and fully understand the teaching requirement;
  • Textbook: Yes;
  • Office hour:7:30 -17:00
  • Homeroom
  • Student age: 7-12(Grade1-Grade5);
  • With a Teaching assistant
  • Must be willing to become involved with the life of the school.

Selection Criteria for a work visa:

Native speaker from English-speaking countries;

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent. A postgraduate degree is optional and will enhance your conditions of employment;
  • 2 years Teaching experience ;
  • English teaching qualification such as TESOL or TEFL certificate;
  • Give lessons focusing on children’s listening, speaking, reading and writing etc. and improve their English abilities;
  • Oral English teacher: Native speaker
  • Subject teachers: From European countries, Spain & Italy preferred. The PE teacher must have a major such as Frisbee rugby etc


  • Monthly salary 18,000 – 23,000 RMB(before tax);
  • Free off-campus furnished accommodation or House allowance RMB2,500;
  • Comprehensive medical and accident insurance while you are employed in China;
  • 11 days public holiday per year, plus school breaks;
  • Reimbursed residence permit, and obligatory medical check-up;
  • Regular teaching training supplied;
  • TEFL Course is available;
  • Opportunities for promotion and career advancement;
  • Ongoing team-building activities organised by the school;
  • RMB5,000 airfare allowance paid upon the successful completion of the contract.


Campus Introduction:

School is located close to a Campus of one of the most famous universities in China. It covers an area of nearly 60 mu (1 mu = 666.6 square meter) , with a building area of more than 40,000 square meters.


The school is elegant in style, beautiful in a good environment, perfectly reflecting the characteristics of individuation, modernisation and internationalisation.

The campus has is well-equipped, it has seven dedicated centres: moral education Center, modern education Network center, book reading centre, Science experiment center, Sports and Art center, foreign language Exchange centre, and a Healthy Living centre.

The primary school and junior high school are relatively independent, providing three-dimensional and all-round quality education services for students.

◆ Personalised education model school classes according to a reasonable class capacity of small classes (1-6 grade 36 / class, grade 1 – Grade 3 42 / class) students have a caring attitude..

In line with the concept of “respect and appreciation”, teachers create a democratic, equal, harmonious and pleasant atmosphere, listen to students, and serve the academic growth of students.

Focus is on research-based learning, “make the classroom full of the vitality of life” creating an environment of harmony, smart and harmonious teaching realm.

◆ Chinese and Western integration of curriculum setting – set up a unique curriculum system, under the premise of ensuring the implementation of a national curriculum, set up core courses, peripheral courses, personalised courses, set up characteristic courses, integration of Chinese and Western cultural education in the curriculum, so that students’ intelligence and wisdom maximises optimisation and development.

Other language, art, sports, culture, science and technology courses are offered in different years, such as piano, folk music, Taekwondo, etc.

Pay attention to the foreign exchange and cooperation of characteristic courses,  establishing a fixed counterpart cooperation and exchange relationship with foreign famous schools.

Introduction of foreign English textbooks, increase the English class hours in primary schools, bilingual teaching of some subjects and activities, design and improve the foreign language learning environment.

◆ Dedicated teachers – our teachers must have – self-cultivation, care, good teaching, be trustworthy

The expert Advisory group consists of several specialist teachers, education experts and expert teachers of our school.

The first-line full-time teachers are mainly young and middle-aged teachers. They are composed of provincial and urban outstanding teachers, new talents in teaching circles, academic leaders and outstanding backbone teachers. Foreign teachers are hired to participate in English teaching all year round.

The instructors will be English teachers with professional qualifications. In the spare time, we provide students with learning guidance, activity guidance and life guidance to realise bilingual communication and create an English learning atmosphere for students.

◆ Whole-process care management — The school has a highly specialised logistics support system for students of different ages, the implementation of independent apartment, nutrition catering, fully enclosed nursing, all-weather security and 24 hours of medical attendance, for the healthy growth of students, happy learning to create a comfortable and safe environment.


The Campus View
The Campus View


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