Guangzhou City Guide – Everything You Need to Know Before You Go!

An English Teachers Tour of Guangzhou


Located in Southern China, Guangzhou City, also known as Canton, sits on the Pearl River. It is the most populous and richest city of the province of Guangdong. Guangzhou is one of China’s largest cities and is famous for its cuisine and foreign trade.


Guangzhou is generally warm and humid. It does not have a clear division of seasons. It experiences average daily temperatures of 21oC- 29oC. In the months of March and April, there are frequent drizzles. Conversely, the period between June and August is generally hot. The best time to visit Guangzhou is in autumn which runs from late September to early December.


Guangzhou has several airports such as the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Airports make air transport easier from Guangzhou. Besides that, there are three railway stations used for train transport. Long distance buses and metros enable intercity transport from Guangzhou to other cities. City buses, taxis, self-driven cars and sharing bikes aid in movement within the city.

Additionally, water transport is also available on Pearl River. Ships dock in the ports of Humen Port, Xinsha Port, Huangpu, and other inner ports. Water buses (ferries) are a popular mode of transport across the Pearl River. They charge between 0.3$- 1$ per ride.

Attractions and sites in Guangzhou

There is a lot to see in Guangzhou. I will highlight a few of the places you could visit in Guangzhou. Most of these sites are accessible using buses, metros, taxis, self-driven cars and trains.

Pearl River

It is the third longest river in China, stretching over 2000 kilometres. It is a scenic view at sunset running into the night. In the evening, neon lights illuminate the river waters making it a colourful scene. The scenic corridor along the banks of the river is a perfect place to stroll and enjoy a cool breeze in the evening. Charges here apply if you choose too for a night cruise ranging from 5.7$-12$

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Located on the northern bank of Pearl River, it is also known as the stone house or Shishi Catholic Church. It is one of the oldest and largest churches in China. It took 25 years to construct the church whose monument is a clear display of the gothic styles and designs used to build it. Entrance is free. Most noteworthy, there are long aprons available for visitors entering the cathedral. It does not encourage scanty dressing.

Western Han Nanyue Kings Tomb Museum

This museum was built for the Han Dynasty. It adorns beautiful architecture and showcases the rich history of Guangzhou. The tomb has 750 huge colourful stones covered in silk cloth which is the only of its kind in China. Visitors gain free access to the museum every Wednesday of the third week of every month. Similarly, entry is free on National Heritage Day in China (which is on the 2nd Saturday of June). The museum is never operational on February 28th and August 31st.

Ticket fees into the museum cost between 1.8$-4.8$.

Canton Tower

This tower rises to a height of 600 metres and has 37 storeys. It changes colour every few seconds and is a sight to behold especially in the evening. The tower lights go off at exactly 11 pm every day. The canton has sightseeing cabins at different heights. Even more, adrenaline pumping sky drops are also present.

Ticket charges range from 11.3$-60.13$ depending on your age, type and number of activities you engage in.

Lurong Temple/ Temple of Six Banyan Trees

This temple rose in the 6th Century. It is a Buddhist Temple with 17 storeys. The temple has halls and the Six Banyan Pagoda. Buddhist relics are beautifully placed in the Pagoda. Its roof curves upwards and looks like dark red flower petals.

Entrance fee into the temple is 0.76$ while entrance into the Pagoda is 1.51$.

Yuexiu Park

This is the largest park in Guangzhou. It has many luxuriant trees and flowers. The Spring Flower Fair takes place here. Features that stand out here are the five ram sculpture, Zhenhai Tower and the three lakes. These are lakes Dongxiu, Nanxiu, Beixiu). The amusement park also has a swimming pool, gymnasium, restaurants and shopping stalls.

Entry into the park is free.


Most hotels in Guangzhou are either tier one or tier two. Their location is within or a few miles from the city. Similarly, most are within walking distance or a short drive. Most hotels charge from 40$ to 400$ for their excellent services. They offer meal packages, laundry services, parking for visitors, internet services. Their rooms are clean, spacious and offer visitors the privacy they deserve.


Most restaurants are located in areas frequented by visitors, shopping centres, and along the streets. Try the Dim Sum when you visit Guangzhou. It is a popular breakfast in Canton and you will find it in most restaurants. Restaurants here offer various types of cuisines ranging from Chinese, Western, Michelin, vegetarian, Halal food, seafood, hot pot restaurants, buffets as well as fast food joints. All of them also offer desserts and drinks. Food prices range from 0.32$-25.5$ per item, depending on your order. Visit restaurants such as Pearl Lounge, Lai Heem, Limoni and get to enjoy Cantonese cuisine.


Guangzhou is well known for its trade. There are wholesale markets in Baima, Zhanxi, Liu Hua, Xindadi, Hongmian Bubugao, Tianma, Shahe, and Wanjia. You can shop for everything you need in these wholesale markets. Guangzhou is also known for its electronic markets at Haiyin Square.

You will find shops and stalls that supply electronic supplies and components along the streets. Visit these shops at Jiefang, Zhong Lu, Zhongshan Liu Lu, and Huifu Xi Lu. Likewise, you will find retail shopping streets along Beijing Road and ShangXiaju.

There are also luxury malls or tall towers such as Finance Centre Mall and Mall of the world. These are huge shopping complexes where you can window shop and shop for various items too.



There are a number of things that you can do by night in Guangzhou. Experience the Pearl River night cruise as the neon lights illuminate the clear waters. The Cantonese Opera is entertaining. It involves singing, reading, dancing, playing music, drama and other stage performances. The Chimelong International Circus takes at the Chimelong Tourist Resort. They offer feature performances by people from all over the world and animals alike.

Take a walk along the ShangXiaju or Beijing Pedestrian Streets. Here, you will enjoy local snacks as you shop for clothes, jewellery, and craftwork.

Malls such as Tee Mall and Hualin Jade Market are open till late. You can shop till late or enjoy food, drinks, and music in the restaurants, bars, clubs and live nights.

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