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China is the largest country in Asia and the most populous country in the world, amazingly the crime rate is very low, and a person can safely walk the streets of major cities at any time of day or night without the fear of being mugged. As one of the world’s oldest civilisations, it has re-emerged as a major economy in recent years and has now added its currency to the worlds reserve currency.

The British Museum has always displayed many relics from China and have prized Chinese craft and culture since its establishment. The collection was originally based on the collection of Sir Hans Sloane. The collection has now grown to about 23,000 objects that span the Neolithic age to the present. Their wide range of objects include unique paintings, prints, jade, bronzes, lacquer, and ceramics that reflect the richness and diversity of China that has long been internationally connected. British schoolchildren can learn how schools in China developed hundreds of years ago, scholars and teachers were once considered the highest level a person could achieve and today teachers are still celebrated and considered to be on the highest level.

Among the most representative objects in the collection are writing materials such as ink wells, and writing brushes as well as inscribed bronze ritual vessels from China’s distant past, beautifully crafted porcelain, and some of China’s oldest surviving paintings on silk. The collection is still growing and is enhanced by contemporary acquisitions that demonstrate China’s continued cultural vitality and position in this diverse world.

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A recreated village in modern China.
A recreated village in modern China.


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