An alternative career path

There are legitimate reasons for an unemployment rate anywhere in the world and they are usually due to closed businesses, tight budgets or a turnaround in operations. However, one problem may be that “job seekers” searches are too narrow and they generally look for “type cast roles” that everyone wants. Could the majority of those candidates benefit from an alternative career path?

The cold facts


There were 1.46 million unemployed people and the UK unemployment rate declined to 4.3 percent in the three months running up to July 2017, in addition, there were 8.74 million people aged from 16 to 64 who were economically inactive in the same time horizon. Now that is a lot of people! How many of those would benefit from an alternative career? and a new objective that would put them on the road to self-development and economic activity?


An offer lies in an alternative to working a 35-40 an hour week job as a career path and lifestyle, that is teaching English 20 hours a week and traveling through Asia, learning Mandarin Chinese and turning those experiences into work that you can enjoy and be happy with. The path is not easy, but no worthwhile path is, coming out of your comfort zone and exploring something different can make you feel uncomfortable at times.

However, if you crave adventure you may feel alive like you’ve never felt alive before.

Teaching English in China is the only way to interact with Chinese people and if you are interested in learning Chinese Mandarin teaching English is a great option. Friends and colleagues will provide free classes, in addition to this, living in China for a year or two is a good “career” booster. The free time also allows you to work on your own entrepreneurial or artistic endeavours.

China is the largest growing economy and it continues to grow, it is astounding to see what the Chinese have accomplished in the past few decades with the creation of hundreds of millions of middle-class citizens.

China is truly a magnificent landscape to watch unfold and everyone should have a look!

The best way to enjoy China is to teach English and embrace the culture and the people in the classroom in this modern age. You will need to prepare lessons outside of class, however, people get better over time and this will enable you to create enough lessons in advance. Being a foreign teacher in China is not uncommon and there are advantages to coming from the west as students will admire and engage in their lessons a lot more. All Chinese students are usually able to read, write and listen much better than they can speak. This is because they have a lot of practice in these three forms of communication, but very little experience with speaking.

In all cases, Chinese students will pick an English name because it can be hard for the teacher to remember all of their Chinese names since they sound very similar.


As the saying goes …




Teach English in China and Begin the adventure of a Lifetime!