6 Reasons Graduates Choose to Teach in China

Are you a recent graduate?

Congratulations and welcome to the job-hunting world. You may have considered moving to a different country to begin your career. Pioneer and Beyond will help with your transition to China. In China, you will be hired to teach English to children in preschool, middle school and high school.


Let us look at some reasons that would make you take up a teaching job in China:

1.Great salaries; great benefits

Teaching English in China is rewarding. Salaries and benefits vary from city to city. However, you will earn between £1000-£2300 per month. In addition to that, expat teachers enjoy plenty of benefits and perks from their employers. These include flight allowances, housing, paid holidays, health insurance, vacations, and lucrative bonuses.


Working and living in China helps you to save. The cost of living in China is a lot lower than in a lot of other countries in the world. Your monthly expenses will be low, everything from public transport, telephone bills, utility bills, and food is affordable. The low cost combined with the special expat rates offered in China will help you save.

3.Learn Mandarin, a universal language

Chinese Mandarin is one of the worlds most useful business languages. Also, it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This is due to the large population in China and has been increased by the travel of Chinese people throughout the world.

In China, schools may offer free Mandarin language lessons to their teachers. Alternatively, you can enroll in cheap Mandarin classes if you want to learn more. Likewise, you could settle for a language swap. This is an arrangement between an English speaker and a Mandarin speaker. You will teach English while your mate teaches you Mandarin.

With knowledge of the Mandarin language, you will most likely fit anywhere in the future. You also stand a better chance to gain employment in foreign-owned organisations in your home country.

4.Work in one of the world’s leading economies

China is the second largest economy in the world after the USA. Living and working in China exposes you to the operations of a fast growing and highly dynamic economy. Similarly, you will get to work in top-tier cities in China. These include Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Guangzhou among others.

Working in China serves as an advantage on your CV. An indication of work experience in China gives you a competitive edge in the global job market. Working in a foreign country signifies that you are flexible and determined. It also demonstrates your ability to adapt and fit into new environments. Besides academic qualifications, employers will always pick a candidate who has an added advantage above the rest.

Therefore, working in China could serve as a stepping stone to greater things. It will improve your chances to get hired by large and influential organisations in the future.

5.Personal satisfaction

The teaching profession comes with passion and commitment. Teaching English in China will be as rewarding you make it. Teaching your learners the basics of English and eventually holding fluent conversations with them is extremely fulfilling. It is any teachers joy to see what they teach being of help to their learners. This is what motivates you to keep teaching English as you watch your learners transform. Helping people learn something and grow into it is one of the most satisfying experiences.

As you teach English in China, you will definitely bond with your learners. This is more reason as to why you will extend your contracts and spend more time in China.

6.Travel and explore

Working in China provide you with the chance to balance work and play. This is so because you will have a lot of free time.  A lot of schools do not have office hours and You only report to your school to teach English. Moreover, schools strictly observe public holidays as well as school holidays. All these translate to your own time.

Use your free time to explore China. Travel opportunities are endless in China. Visit historical, natural and cultural sites. China was named a national heritage country by the UNESCO. This means that there is an abundance of things to see and do in China. Besides that, Chinese dishes are phenomenal. Treat your taste buds to their variety of cuisines.

Also, China gives you base to explore the larger Asia. You could explore Asia during summer and winter breaks. Visit exotic places such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines among others. All you need to do is plan ahead. Book your plane tickets and make hotel bookings in advance.