10 most popular sports in China

Since the founding of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949, China developed its Chinese traditional sports. While at it, the country has adopted sporting activities common in Europe and the US too. The government of China has provided the necessary infrastructure to promote a sports culture. Owing to Chinas recent economic boom, the government is able to provide sporting facilities for its citizens.

Here are 10 of the most popular sports in China.


Table Tennis (Ping-pong)

Ping pong is China’s national sport. Chinese play it as a hobby as well as a professional sport. China won 6 gold medals in table tennis during the London Olympics in 2012. In 2016, they bagged all the medals at Rio de Janeiro. Table tennis is a simple indoor game requiring inexpensive equipment. Similarly, it does not require too much space. The Chinese train how to play this game without making any mistake.

Badminton (Guoqis)

Badminton is normally played as a pass time activity especially during autumn and spring when the weather is favourable. The game can only be played in areas where there is no wind. Chinese play badminton in shopping centres, homes, schools as well as on the street.


Martial arts

Chinese martial art is an important part of their culture. It enjoys great popularity and has a long history. The Chinese enroll in martial arts classes in order to learn the tactics. Martial art makes use of different fighting techniques. They can be fist fights or weapon fights. However, most people learn martial arts for personal wellness and self-defense. Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong are the most popular martial arts in China.


Taking a walk in China, you will find basketball courts everywhere. Chinese play basketball in parks, residential areas, and institutions among other places. In China, international basketball has a huge following. Actually, China has the largest fanbase for NBA. Chinese youth nickname themselves after popular NBA stars. At the same time, NBA stars tour China every year to promote their brand. As such, the Chinese play basketball to emulate their stars.



In China, people jog and run in groups. On most mornings and evenings, you will see people running along pathways and in parks. Running has gradually become a part of the Chinese lifestyle due to an increase in the middle class. Many marathons happen in an effort to promote running as a sport. Most noteworthy, the Chinese are a popular fast lot in the world Olympics. The government has provided the necessary infrastructure such as pathways and stadiums.


China is the ‘Kingdom of Bicycles’. Bicycles are an important means of transport in the cities of China. The government of China provides shared bicycles. This is a system where citizens use government-owned bicycles to move around at a fee. For this reason, the cycling culture in China has seen tremendous growth. Most Chinese have taken up cycling as a sport. They organize cycling races to promote the sport.


The Chinese Football Association governs football in China. China has several football clubs. The government is making every effort to bring Chinese football to international levels. Currently, China is number 86 on FIFA listings. European football is popular in China. Football teams from Europe, Australia and America have a huge fanbase in China.


Chess receives full government backing in China. Chinese Chess players often pick top positions during the Chess Olympics. China is the chess power of the world. As such the government promotes this game.


China has diving academies in abundance. The country is making deliberate efforts to develop diving, especially among the youth. In water sports, the Chinese are well known immaculate divers. China wins all the medals during Summer Olympics owing to their diving prowess.


In China, kids learn gymnastics at a tender age. Children enroll into gymnastic academics at the tender age of 6 years. Most children voluntarily take up the sport and look up to popular Chinese gymnasts. They focus most of their time to intensive training so as to perfect their art. Gymnastics lessons intend to make the children future world champions. China is a prime hub of gymnastics all over the world.

Winter Sports

In preparation for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China has embraced winter sports. The government plans to build 650 skating rinks and 800 ski resorts by 2020. Existing ski resorts have recorded an increased number of visitors in recent years. The Chinese pay to get training in skiing and ice skating. Likewise, the Chinese are familiarizing themselves with ice hockey.

These are just some of the popular sports in China. However, more sporting activities continue to penetrate China and find more fans. These include boxing, weightlifting, baseball, archery, squash, and swimming among others.