Mission statement:

We are offering individuals the opportunity to teach English and open new frontiers and create gateways and pathways to the EAST.

Vision statement:

The vision of Pioneer and BEYOND is to be the global leader by providing native speakers the opportunity to access the EAST.

What makes Pioneer & beyond different from others?

At Pioneer and Beyond we believe that futures are created by being VISIONARY and creating and developing career paths that raise potential candidates to their zenith. Since the foundation of the global recruitment company, as individuals, our mission has always been to engage and align with candidates that dream to be the “New Tomorrows” who will create new careers generated by opportunities and new options that we have offered at Pioneer and Beyond.


We have not sat behind our desks, In the past two years we have pioneered the idea of going to teach in China to over 60 Universities and we have made our presence known in Graduate fairs up and down the country and embraced a new generation of undergraduates that have been open to the idea of exploring a new world. Ultimately we see ourselves as positive catalyst agents that are enabling to create the new stream of “globality and socialites” that Universities are now producing and transporting them to the east to the greatest economy on the globe today -CHINA.


Our ambition is to become world leaders in English teaching specialist recruiters to the east and in doing so, providing the best that the world can produce in teachers to China.





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