At Pioneer and Beyond we embrace the language innovator who decides to go on an adventure and visit new lands and so we appreciate the necessity to guide and support individuals every step of the way.  From the moment of visual contact with our website to the moment of arrival in China, we’re here to support our teachers throughout the whole adventure.

Support comes in many forms, therefore, it is important to assess the journey in order to know the challenges that the language innovator will have during the application process, selection, their arrival in China and their duration and stay in the role. There are important issues to address such as suitability to the role which includes personality skills and abilities, interpersonal skills, ability to remain flexible and adaptability with an eye to remain open at all times.  Therefore, reliable support is key to developing sustainable relationships with all our candidates in order to align and engage with them and enable growth and expansion.  At Pioneer and beyond we value the cultural differences and similarities and therefore engage and sustain cross cultural conversation and communication with our business partners in China to ensure our language innovators a valuable experience.

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