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Why work in China? How to find work in China? 

Work in China legally. Live in China happily. At Pioneer & Beyond, we’ll help you get a work visa for China (Residence and Work Permits). You can work as an expert in industry in China, if you are an experienced executive. Or, you can teach in China even if you have no teaching experience, as there are schools that do not have teaching experience among their requirements for teachers:

  • Industry: We find and secure jobs for experienced professionals, experts, and executives. Apply Here
  • Education: We find and secure teaching jobs in state-run and private educational institutions in China. Apply Here

Indeed, modern China represents a unique mix of ancient and contemporary history and culture, where you can receive a competitive salary and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Importantly to mention, we have been successfully finding & securing executive and teaching jobs from 2015. Besides, our team has been consistently helping get Residence and Work Permits for Experts and Teachers in China since then, for over eight years.

We believe in a world where everyone can get access to opportunities beyond the geographic limits. 

Without a doubt we offer support from the initial interview until you return from China. Our placement service is 100% free of charge. 

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