1. Pioneer & Beyond strive to be the innovators in language delivery therefore our relationships with communication, the Chinese Culture and passion for teaching is at the top of our agenda.
  2. Pioneer & Beyond offers a unique opportunity to travel to another culture, while being fully supported along your journey.
  3. Cross cultural relationships is at the top of Pioneer & Beyond’s agenda, it is the essence to all successful relationships and it incorporates sensitivity towards others at all times.
  4. Our aim is to cater to our clients, customers and language innovators.
  5. In order to have this relationship our team works tenaciously to creating harmony in our networks and ongoing assurance that feedback is taken on board to ensure growth and expansion where necessary.
  6. Feedback and communication is imperative and this is the lifeline to any successful organization looking towards sustainability and endurance.
  7. Therefore, at Pioneer & Beyond we look at creating bonds and links between the local community, customers, clients and language innovators in order to present a difference in the market and provide English teaching professionals in China.

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Pioneer & Beyond has been highly acknowledged for its professional performance in England.

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