Hangzhou, China

“I love teaching English in Hangzhou. This city is very beautiful and so are the people. They are so kind.”

“We were on a field trip to the tea museum, it is also part of the West Lake area. The students love to share their food and are very kind. It was an excellent experience.” 


  • The first picture is of a park at a mall.
  • The second picture is of the river I cross on my way back and forth to the school every day.
  • The third and fourth picture are of a park by the same river.
  • The fourth, fifth, and sixth picture are of an upscale mall that only sells home furnishings and fixtures.
  • The seventh picture is of a meal I had at Litewing Coffee, a delightful Bistro near the school.
  • Pictures 8-17 are taken in a park that is near West Lake, it is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Below are just random pictures that I have taken while I have been on walks.

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