A Beginner’s Guide to Teaching in China: How to Obtain a Police Check (Australia)

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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) provides National Police (criminal history checks) for:

  • overseas employment
  • visa applications for overseas travel

You have two options for submitting your application:



A downloadable form which you may complete on your computer or print for completion by hand and submit via the post. As credit card details must not be submitted by email, emailed applications will not be accepted.

The following requirements must be met when submitting an AFP National Police Check (NPC) application. Failure to meet the required standards will result in the application not being processed:

  1. All other names by which you are known or have previously been known (such as your maiden name), must be provided in full, including given names. Check that your date of birth is correctly entered.
  2. Full payment must accompany the application. You can pay using either Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Alternatively, for a manually completed application, you may pay by bank cheque, which must be in Australian dollars, or money order obtainable from Australia Post. Personal and Company Cheques will not be accepted. Please do NOT send cash. Applications with incorrect amounts will not be processed.
  3. Copies of identification documents totalling 100 points must be provided. Details of the points attributed to identification documents are provided as part of the application process. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS WITH YOUR APPLICATION.
  4. Ensure all the necessary details are submitted, including signed consent and copies of identification documents. Please note parental consent will be required if the applicant is under 18 years of age.

For manually completed applications:

You must submit the form no more than three months after signing it.

Mark the appropriate checkboxes with a cross (X).

Ensure you secure all paperwork, forms, payment, and identification to your application.

Ensure all the necessary details have been completed and the form is signed and dated.

The application form must be completed using block letters(ie capital/uppercase)

Bank cheques and money orders are to be in Australian dollars ($AUD) and are to be made payable to the Australian Federal Police.

If paying by bank cheque, it must be from an Australian bank or financial institution affiliated with an Australian bank. Personal and Company cheques will not be accepted.

The correct payment must be included with all 

Do not include self-addressed/stamped envelopes for return of certificates. These will not be used or returned.

Submitting Your Application

Online Application

The Online Application provides the ability to submit a complete application electronically. In using this facility, you will be required to print and load a scanned consent form which will be generated during the process as well as scan and load identification documents and make payment by credit card. Processing will then commence immediately without the need to wait for further information. If using the online application, you need to nominate an email address. This will be used to send you a receipt for your payment and to advise you once processing of your application has been completed.

Please note that you must use the consent form generated during the online process. The downloadable application is not suitable for this process and must not be used if applying online.

Downloadable Application

If you prefer to use the downloadable application, the completed form along with copies of your nominated identity documents and correct payment must be posted to:

Australian Federal Police,
Criminal Records
Locked Bag 8550


As credit card details must not be submitted by email, emailed applications will not be accepted.

$42 for each National Police Check application from an individual.

The current processing time for a routine National Police Check is approximately 15 working days from the date it is received by Criminal Records. (subject to change)

Criminal Records – National Police Check

AFP Criminal Records
Locked Bag 8550

Ph:(02) 6140 6502
Email: AFP-NationalPoliceChecks@converga.com.au

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