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Life after graduation…post graduation and continued……. graduation……..

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Welcome followers to the Pioneer and Beyond blog, where its a never ending journey of self discovery, learning and lifetime adventures for all those who crave an “out of the box” experience!


Putting your curriculum vitae together is no easy thing! Its the biggest challenge we all have and it takes years of knowing who you are, developing abilities and skills that will make you stand out from the crowd. In fact, we start to put our intellectual property together once we choose our favourite subjects at school at around 14 and hope that they will lead us down the road of secured employment, never ending promotion and abundance!


However, the ever changing employment and economic climate has been at its most turbulent and unpredictable since the 21st century started, first the huge social media wave and then the economic crisis of 2008! The two cataclysmic events has given us the biggest changes in the global work market. People who have not been prepared for the new economy (internet marketing and more global assignments) have had to go back to the drawing board and re-learn a new skill. Those who have been able to engage and align with social media and fully embrace the global mindset have profited from the opportunities this new environment has offered.


So what is the secret of keeping yourself in demand and employed?


Take note its the law of compensation!





This great truth, however, keeps changing for YOU in today’s market, with the constant changes in power and economic shifts in the world YOU need to have lots of skills to keep yourself employed in the global market.


So you may ask how does China come into the picture?


First of all you need to change you universal sub conscience and see the east as center point with Europe and Africa on one side and the USA and South America on the other side plus the huge pond in the middle called the Pacific Ocean!


Once you have that picture you can travel in your mind and embrace the rich culture that China has to offer and enter into her mysterious landscape surrounded by mystical dragons and symbols of the past.


China has been growing at the rate of knots; Liquid architecture has taken over most of the visible sky lines and instead of traveling around on a bicycle, rich business men drive ferarri’s, lamborghinis and Maseratis. In addition, Beijing has the same night life as New York and London and attracts all the best the world has to offer. There is no doubt that China has joined the list of countries that now share in abundance and wealth and has become not only a holiday option but a country is worth working in.



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