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Teach Young Learners in Beijing, China with Pioneer Beyond

Beijing, China


Academic Year


R-kids (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd was founded in 2006. Currently, it operates kindergartens in Beijing, Jinan, Harbin, Hefei, and Tangshan. R-kids kindergarten is committed to providing high-quality integrated childhood education to its learners.




Job Details
Subject to Teach English
Teaching Hours Per Week 25hours
Office Hours per week 40hours
Working Days Per Week 5days
Students’ Age 3—6 years old
Class Size 20-25students
Duration of Each Class 20-30minutes
Contract Length More than1year
Start Time ASAP
Foreign Teachers Requirements
English level Native English Speake
Certificate TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/Two-year experience
Degree BA degree or above
Terms of Employment
Salary 10000rmb
Monthly Bonus(include visa allowance) 5000rmb
Travel allowance 2000rmb from the second year
Flight Allowance 4000rmb from the second year
Medical insurance Non
Apartment Provided
Food Allowance Self-covering
Utility (Electricity, Water, Internet) Self-covering
Over Work Allowance 500 half day
Paid Holidays (不包括national holiday以外,还有多少天带薪假期) From the second year five days paid holiday
Visa Work visa provided



Beijing (北京)City 






Being is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing is the nation’s political, economic, and cultural centre. Located in north China, close to the port city of Tianjin and partially surrounded by Hebei Province, it also serves as the most important transportation hub and port of entry.

As one of the six ancient cities in China, Beijing has been the heart and soul of politics throughout its long history and consequently there is an unparalleled wealth of discovery to delight and intrigue travellers as they explore the city’s ancient past and exciting modern development. Now it has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, with about 140 million Chinese tourists and

4.4 million international visitors in a year.




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