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The High School Attached to Hunan Normal University (Chinese: 湖南师范大学附属中学; pinyin: Húnán Shīfàn Dàxué Fùshŭ Zhōngxué), colloquially known in Chinese as ‘湖南师大附中'(Húnán Shīdà Fùzhōng), is a famous, first-tier key public secondary school located in Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, China, and is one of the most selective schools in the nation. The competitive admission is mainly based on the score in city-wide or province-wide standardized tests as well as talent in science, music, sports, and the arts.

Founded in 1905 by Yu Zhimo, a leader of the Chinese democratic revolution, the school was initially named ‘Weiyi School’(惟一学堂, literally ‘Unique school”). Later, in 1912, it was renamed ‘Guang Yi Middle School’, which is still valid. Throughout its history, the school’s name, as well as its location, has changed several times, mainly due to the Anti-Japanese War and Chinese Civil War. Since September 1984, it has been called ‘The High School Attached to Hunan Normal University’. As its name implies, the school is ‘attached to’, or ‘affiliated with’ Normal University, which employs the best college graduates. The school is well known for its top-ranking quality in teaching all over the country. It has produced a lot of notable figures in China, such as former Premier Minister of China, Zhu Rongji and several academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. The school, along with three other prestigious high schools in Changsha (First High School of Changsha, Changjun High School and Yali School), is recognised as one of the “Famous Four”.



Teach in the International Department of SDFZ 

  • Advanced teaching facilities and accommodation: All-In-One PC&TV blackboard, air conditioner, and writable magnetic glass back wall in each class
  • Convenient public facilities in teacher’s office: private office desk, optical fibre network and Wi-Fi, coffee machine and water dispensers and air conditioners
  • Multiple public facilities on campus: copying room, Chinese library, English library, laboratory building, multimedia rooms, multimedia assembly hall, and parking lots
  • Public facilities for sports: indoor gymnasium, outdoor athletic field, football court, basketball courts, volleyball court and badminton court

Live in the International Department of SDFZ 

  • Private teacher dormitory
  • Air conditioner and basic household electrical appliances
  • Network and Wi-Fi
  • Teacher canteen


  • Bus stations in five minutes on foot
  • Easy to get a taxi, taxi charge ¥2.18/km, about $0.36/km
  • Supermarket and shopping centre in ten minutes by driving or 4 stations by bus
  • 15 minutes to downtown by driving
  • 35 minutes to airport by driving
  • 20 minutes to train station by driving

Community Entertainment

  • Over 20 small restaurants around the campus
  • Xinmin Road as the Food Street in 8 minutes by driving
  • Yuelu Mountain
  • Juzizhou Park
  • Juzhou Music Week show
  • Xiangjiang River
  • Music& Firework show every Saturday from May 1st to October 1st
  • Cinemas


  • Teacher canteen charge ¥11 per meal

This school is belonging to EduChina International Group (中育贝拉)

EduChina International Group is China’s famous operation and management service platform for “International High School” and “International Year One” programs, providing high-quality international courses, international faculty and international talent training programs to Chinese students. It commits itself to cultivating talents that are “global citizens with Chinese soul” and helping students to realize their dreams in world-class universities.

EduChina International Group has established 16-course centres in various regions of the country, including North China, Middle China, South China, East China, Southwest China and Northwest China, from where thousands of Chinese students have been admitted to world-class universities. Over the past 7 years, we have maintained a record rate of 100% university or college admissions and a 100% visa pass rate.

As one of CAIE’s associates, EduChina International Group is able to promote Cambridge programs and qualifications to suitable schools. EduChina International Group is also the exclusive or VIP partner of American honours, University of California Irvine, and some renowned public schools of the USA. EduChina International Group offers a rich selection of curricula including IB, A Level, AP, GAC and American High School courses which will benefit students with various needs.

EduChina International Group adheres to the concepts of “providing educational programs with conscience and cultivating life with true love” and “being rooted in China with the whole world in view”. It endeavours to provide fair, diversified and transparent international education programs to Chinese families and students regardless of restrictions on registered permanent residence, enrolment status and economic conditions so that more families and students are entitled to excellent world-class education and fulfil their longing for better education.

Our obligation is to elevate each student’s life, to grow together with our staff and students’ parents, and to work hard toward the continuous progress of the whole society.

Job description:

Available position: Foreign Teacher

Subjects: ESL/ELA/History

Type: Head Teacher

Language teacher Subject Teacher

Job Description:

(1)         Teaching above subjects under US high school curriculum/A level curriculum

(2)         Preparing classes well prior to teaching and provide weekly teaching plan

(3)         Class management and students’ work assessment

(4)         Providing assistance with academic director on curriculum system, teaching syllabus and teaching evaluation standard etc.

(5)         Applying new ideas and approaches in subject teaching practice

(6)         Using digital technologies effectively and appropriately to support the students’ learning and to experiment with new techniques and technologies

(7)         Focusing on improving students’ critical and creative thinking ability

(8)         Improving the quality of the students’ learning

(9)         Reflecting on and share experiences and outcomes to plan further career development

(10)       Participating in students’ recruitment activities and business development activities


(1)         Native-English Speaker

(2)         Teaching credentials, Teacher License or TEFL/ TESOL certificate

(3)         BA degree with 2 or more years teaching experience, Master or above

(4)         Committed to teaching and international education

(5)         Confident in teaching your subject and engaging each student in learning

(6)         Responsible for yourself, responsive to and respectful of others, reflective as a learner to develop your practice

(7)         Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges

(8)         Engaged intellectually, professionally and socially, ready to make a difference

Salary and Training Opportunity:

(1)         Monthly salary: basic salary

(2)         Total annual salary will be around 150,000RMB-200,000RMB or above, which include following items: Basic salary

Flight and Visa Reimbursement

Commercial Insurance

Accommodation allowance or free on-campus apartment

International air ticket allowance 10,000RMB to be paid at the end of academic year Paid vacations

Working day lunch allowance Standard Insurance

(3)         Professional Development Opportunity:

Provide teachers with professional training or workshop


Changsha(长沙) City introduction:



Changsha (长沙; Chángshā) is the capital of Hunan Province in South-central China and has a history of over 3,000 years. Mao Zedong lived and worked as a teacher in Changsha, and it was the site of his conversion to communism. A huge sculpture of Mao’s head on Orange Island reminds everyone of his connection to the city.

Today, Changsha has an urban population of about 7 million people and has left the communist past behind it. A modern city centre with skyscrapers, shopping malls and walking streets invites for relaxed strolls. There are also plenty of opportunities to try the famous Hunanese cuisine and street food stores offer small bites (小吃 xiaochi) such as stinky tofu, mini lobsters, butter pancakes, and many more!

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