Experts in spin finishes used in Polyester POY, FDY, DTY are required.

A candidate from Schill+Seilacher/Struktol Group (Germany) or from Takemoto (Japan) is preferred.


Required-experts who are experienced in motor simulation design, proficient in CAE and in the motor industry.

Related experts from Dyson preferred.

Experts in the aviation field experienced with alloys.

Experienced experts in aviation from Honeywell, GE or Safran are preferred.

Education: R&D related (major in metal materials, metallurgy or related), master’s degree or above, over 3 years working experience, to solve the following problems:

a) study on high cleanliness process of materials in smelting process;
b) research and optimisation of electroslag processes and remelting slag;
c) optimisation of smelting and forging process of superalloys.

Experts in unmanned logistics robot, cluster scheduling software, industrial internet fields are wanted.

Some working experience is required.

Experts in R&D are wanted:

  1. More than 5 years of experience in independently developing and implementing industrial paper or household paper in R&D projects; and who have the experience of successfully implementing the transformation of R&D achievements;
  2. Education level required is Ph.D. focused on R&D of papermaking wastewater treatment.
Research Fellow, Physical & Chemical Theory Division of an Institute:
  1. Able to build a Machine-Learning model to study/predict the growth of the precursor of cathode materials;
  2. Able to model the cathode degradation without running out of thousands test cycles;
  3. Other researches combining theoretical and computational tools;
  4. Related management work of the research team.