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If you are an Experts in industry, you can work in China, as well as live there. China requires expert executives, who are considered Top talents.  

We are looking for experts of executive level in industries, including;

  • biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical,
  • engineering (innovating, control, marine, other spheres),
  • R&D, 
  • other industries.

You can check the full list of industries and requirements below. 

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Biopharmaceutical expert is required.

A top listed company requires an expert in biopharmaceutical, stem cell drug, anti-allergy drug The company is a high-tech biopharmaceutical listed enterprise. 

We only develop innovative drugs with major technological advantages or market advantages (including traditional Chinese medicine or natural medicine, stem cell drugs with definite efficacy) or products with similar pharmaceutical functions, new medical devices, and independently research and develop, invest or acquire technologies, products or enterprises that meet the above standards, and have a market position including but not limited to patent protection, which is the basic product development strategy of the company.

A private enterprise with good development momentum, about to become listed, requires an expert engineer who specialises in three-phase asynchronous motor and three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor.

The company mainly produces all kinds of energy-efficient, ultra-ultra-efficient standard, flameproof three-phase asynchronous motors and three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors, motor products are widely equipped with various fans, pumps, air compressors, reducers, etc., widely used in nuclear power, mining, rail transit, wind power, new energy equipment and other fields, is a collection of research and development, production, sales and service as one of the professional motor manufacturers.

After more than ten years of deep cultivation and development in the motor industry, the company has become a well-known domestic motor manufacturer, is the qualified supplier of motors supporting China Nuclear Power and CGNPC, especially in the motor segment of subway rail fans, and the high-voltage motor market for extra-large tunnel shaft fans, has become a leading enterprise, accounting for more than 70% of the market.

Expert/engineer in Garden Machinery and hydraulic equipment is required.

A top listed company requires an expert in garden machinery and hydraulic related products
The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of garden machinery engines and electric machines, hydraulic control systems and auto parts, and its products are widely used in lawn mowers, chain saws, hedge machines, hair dryers and other garden machinery machines, all kinds of engineering, industrial, semiconductor machinery hydraulic, pneumatic control systems and lightweight and new energy auto parts fields.

Expert in high end pumps and associated products

Professional manufacturer of high-end pump products The company is a professional manufacturer of high-end pump products integrating pump research and development, production, sales and service, the company’s core technology and management team personnel, are from domestic first-class brand enterprises, and serve the pump industry for more than 30 years, the quality and technical parameters of all its pumps and accessories have been further improved and improved to provide better quality and better service for our customers

Innovative engineer is required for the casting industry.

Precision Casting Company is a high-profile enterprise in China’s precision casting industry. The company specializes in the production of stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, ductile iron and other material castings, leading products are pump accessories, valve accessories, structural castings, ductile castings and other four series. 

Among them, stainless steel pump precision castings are among the best in China’s stainless steel pump casting industry, and Zhejiang stainless steel pump castings industry ranks top 3. Products involve pump valves, engineering institutions, automobiles and trucks, ships, petroleum institutions, nuclear power, seawater desalination, aerospace and other fields. 

In the next three years, the company will focus on the research and development of fine steel preparation technology and carry out a series of research and development and innovation work. The enterprise R&D centre is committed to the research and development of new technologies, new processes of precision casting structure design and related industrialization research and development innovation work.

Expert in lifts and work platforms (MEWPS) is required.

A top listed company involved in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligent aerial work platforms requires an expert in this industry. The company was founded in 2005, is a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of various intelligent aerial work platforms. The company is now a leading enterprise of aerial work platforms in China and the first listed company on the main board in the industry, a single champion enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with an output value of more than 5 billion yuan and profits and taxes of more than 1.5 billion yuan in 2022, which is a key support field enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology! Top 10 global manufacturers of aerial work equipment. At present, there are 5 production bases (under construction in the fifth phase), covering a total area of 1,065 mu and a construction area of 590,000 square meters. Products cover arm, scissor type, mast three series and differentiated products and other more than 80 specifications, all products have passed the European CE, the United States ANSI, Australia AS/NZS1418 and other authoritative certification, exported to the United States, Germany, Japan three major international high-end markets including more than 80 countries and regions, and with more than 500 aerial work equipment rental companies around the world to establish strategic partnerships, including United Rentals (the world’s largest), HORIZON C&D (Asia’s largest and the world’s fourth) has fully realized professional, intelligent, serialized and branded development.

High level experts are required.

Ph.D. minimum plus proved experience.

High Salary (up to 7 figures)

If a team brought with you, around RMB 10 million.


Do you want to relocate, enjoy the benefits of modern and prospering China?

The candidates need to show their interest in working in China.

If you are the right candidate, you can bring your team with you to China.

You shall work in China full time, of course, they can leave China for holidays and come back to your work in China.

Experts in these fields are required:

·         Mechanical engineering,

·         control engineering,

·         marine engineering,

·         other disciplines, including marine engineering equipment technology, additive manufacturing technology and application, etc.


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Required-experts who are experienced in motor simulation design, proficient in CAE and in the motor industry.

Related experts from Dyson preferred.

Expert pharmacist is required.

A top listed company in Traditional Chinese Medicine Sleep Alzheimer’s disease Founded in January 2000, requires an expert in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is a national high-tech modern pharmaceutical enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. In February 22, 2011, the company successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (stock code 300181). The company has modern production lines for APIs, extractions, tablets, capsules, tablets, granules and lyophilized powder injections. 

Based on the biological fermentation technology of medicinal fungi to produce traditional Chinese medicine products, the company has realized the industrial production of rare Chinese medicinal materials – Wuling ginseng through years of research and development, and realized the combination of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and modern biotechnology. Ginseng is a medicinal fungus that grows deep underground in abandoned termite nests, which has high tonic function and medicinal value, and is extremely rare. Due to the special growing environment, harvesting is very difficult and it is not easy to cultivate artificially. 

The company uses the bacteria isolated from natural ginseng and uses modern biological fermentation technology to realize the industrialization and large-scale production of ginseng fermented fungus powder (Wulingguo powder). Wuling bacteria powder and Wuling capsules are new drugs of national traditional Chinese medicine. Wuling capsules are a variety of national medical insurance catalogue and a protected variety of traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of “tonifying the kidney and brain, nourishing the mind and calming the mind”, and is mainly used clinically for depression, anxiety and insomnia. 

In May 2019, Wuling capsules were selected as the first batch of “Zhejiang Famous Drugs”. Wuling capsules, Bailing tablets and Lingze tablets have all entered the national medical insurance catalogue and the national basic drug catalogue. 

In addition, Zuoli Baicao’s “Diqing Brand” Chinese medicine pieces were awarded the famous brand products in Zhejiang Province, and achieved traceability from the field to the bowl. Keji Pharmaceutical, in which the company is a shareholder, is committed to the development of innovative tumour immunotherapy drugs such as CAR-T cells.

Research Fellow, Physical & Chemical Theory Division of an Institute is required.
  1. Able to build a Machine-Learning model to study/predict the growth of the precursor of cathode materials;
  2. Able to model the cathode degradation without running out of thousands test cycles;
  3. Other researches combining theoretical and computational tools;
  4. Related management work of the research team. 

A very well known precision bearing manufacture, requires an expert engineer The company has 30 years of development history, the company has a registered capital of 2.07 billion yuan, is a large-scale bearing enterprise. 

The company’s leading products have ten categories, a total of more than 8,000 varieties of bearing products. Products according to categories are: short cylindrical roller bearings (single and double row, four rows), deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical rollers and spherical ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings (single and double rows), thrust rollers and thrust ball bearings, non-standard bearings, etc.

According to the application fields: railway wagons, passenger cars and rail transit bearings, automotive bearings (new energy), wind power bearings, ship bearings, machine tool bearings, mechanical bearings, metallurgical rolling mill bearings, motor bearings, etc. 

The new materials independently developed by the product are used in high-end bearing products, and have won the favour of domestic and foreign users because of the long life and high quality of the products, among which short cylindrical roller bearings, railway bearings, wind power bearings, rolling mill bearings, etc. have always enjoyed a high reputation in the bearing industry.

The company has a national enterprise technology centre, a number of provincial high-tech enterprises, set national postdoctoral research workstation and academician workstation, with strong technical strength.

Experts in R&D are wanted:

  1. More than 5 years of experience in independently developing and implementing industrial paper or household paper in R&D projects; and who have the experience of successfully implementing the transformation of R&D achievements;
  2. Education level required is Ph.D. focused on R&D of papermaking wastewater treatment.

Experts in the aviation field experienced with alloys.

Experienced experts in aviation from Honeywell, GE or Safran are preferred.

Education: R&D related (major in metal materials, metallurgy or related), master’s degree or above, over 3 years working experience, to solve the following problems:

a) study on high cleanliness process of materials in smelting process;
b) research and optimisation of electroslag processes and remelting slag;
c) optimisation of smelting and forging process of superalloys.

Experts in spin finishes used in Polyester POY, FDY, DTY are required.

A candidate from Schill+Seilacher/Struktol Group (Germany) or from Takemoto (Japan) is preferred.

Experts in unmanned logistics robot, cluster scheduling software, industrial internet fields are wanted.

Some working experience is required.