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Teach in China: Work Permit

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Z (Work) Visa is issued to foreigners who travel to China with the intention to work for a longer period of time such as 12 months. To get a Z visa approved the applicant need to submit a work permit with their application.

Work permits are issued to foreigners eligible to work in China. It is a necessary document to obtain in order to work legally in the country.  A new system was introduced by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) on the 1st of April 2017 to create a more streamlined process. Previously, inconsistent regional application and administration processes were a common occurrence and the changes were implemented to eliminate confusion regarding which work permit eligible foreigners are to apply for. Another benefit is that the application approval period will be reduced, from ten business days down to five business days.

  • Tier A: high-level talent
  • Tier B: professional personnel
  • Tier C: foreigners who are nontechnical or service workers hired on a temporary/seasonal basis

China Work Permits: Are You an A, B, or C Tier Talent?

Individuals travelling to China to work as English teachers are Tier B Talents.

The new system also supports online applications, which means that electronic photocopies of your supporting documents are accepted.

Documents needed:

  • Passport
  • CV / Resume (with Education and Working experience)
  • Degree Certificate (not a transcript)
  • Legalised copy of your degree certificate
  • Teaching Qualification/ Certificate or 2 years full time teaching experience after graduation (Reference needed)
  • Legalised copy of teaching Qualification/ Certificate
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Legalised copy of Criminal Record Check
  • Original Physical Examination Report
  • Passport Picture (Pure White background, 390pixel Width *520pixel Height)
  • Application form for Foreigner’s Work Permit (School)
  • Copy of the job contract (School)

Pioneer & Beyond will work with your school/employer to obtain the work permit on your behalf. As soon as you have all your documents ready, you will need to send in electronic copies to us, and we will submit the application. When you receive your work permit reference number, you can apply for your Z (work) visa.

When you arrive in China, your school representative will help you register at the local police station, take you to the hospital to undergo a medical examination, and apply for the Work Permit Certificate from the Foreign Expert Bureau.

Note: You will need to bring ALL your documents to China.

When you receive your Work Permit (see picture below), you will need to apply for a Working Foreigner’s Residence Permit (your school representative will help you), and once you have obtained your residence permit, you can legally live and work in China for 12-months.

The information on this page is subject to change.

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