How to access Internet in China

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In China there are around 56 million users of the internet network service: The broadband and mobile internet service providers are China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. Most of the hotels in China provide free broadband, in addition to this there is free WIFI access in public places in Hong Kong, WiFi is available free on all metro trains; in Beijing, you find it on some city buses; in Shanghai, free WiFi is available in public places like the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Museum, and Xin Tian Di, etc; in other cities, it is there at airports and railway stations, in some bars, fast food and high-end restaurants, shopping malls, and etc; recently, WiFi access service becomes common on domestic flights. This is the current trend. In order to access WIFI on your phone you can buy a Chinese SIM card for the mobile internet service. Then you surf the internet from your cell phone. There are also internet cafes in many regions of the country, although they are in decline.

How to get around the internet block in China

China is censoring and tight gripping on the net. There are six huge websites that China is censoring and all travellers should be made aware of, Google , Wikipedia, the wall street journal,, linked and of course FACEBOOK!

But Don’t Worry Too Much! We can use VPN account to access blocked websites in China. For best performance we recommend five company which provides VPN account.

  • ExpressVPN:
  • Strong VPN:
  • Boxpn:
  • IP Vanish:
  • PIA (Private Internet Access):

Here is a list of other websites blocked in China:

  • Red = Blocked / inaccessible
  • Yellow = Partially blocked / unstable
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