Pioneer and Beyond are dedicated to successful relationships. Due to the vast selection of teaching programmes in China and multiple locations Pioneer & Beyond has established cross-cultural relationships that have enabled us to create excellent pathways and authentic and rewarding experiences of teaching English in China.
Successful relationships are the backbone of the organisation, therefore, selection of the best in the market is our priority in order to deliver a rewarding experience that enhances the language innovator. The ability to specialise is a true art and for P&B is a way of life as it is the key to performance, achievement and skill. In addition, due to the love for Chinese culture, it is imperative to observe and ascertain the best, to match the perfect role with the perfect language innovator. The key to specialty is therefore knowledge management which is a catalyst for growth and expansion for both parties involved. In all cases expectations, perceptions and aspirations are taken very seriously, as P&B considers reputation and credibility as important as being specialists in the field of recruitment and employability.

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