Maggie Tang


Maggie Tang as the Director of the Pioneer & Beyond Ltd helped the company to expand in several key markets including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou, with the foundation of Pioneer and Beyond, the organization expanded to Brighton in the UK and Mossel Bay in South Africa. Maggie has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management with Honours Degree from the University of Sussex which is based in Brighton and has also completed a Master’s degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Brighton.


Saga Warren

HR Officer

Saga is a Psychology and Sociology graduate who left the UK to teach English abroad. She has taught a variety of student age groups in both public schools and private language centres. She is a goldmine of information regarding all aspects of ESL teaching. Saga made the decision to return to the cold winters of Great Britian and join the HR team at Pioneer & Beyond. Her aim is to encourage and inspire others to take a leap of faith and experience the beauty of China.


Maria Fabozzi

HR Officer

Maria is a graduate in Marketing and Communication. She is a big animal lover and she loves travelling. She has been to Asia, America, Africa and, of course, around Europe. She has visited China together with her friends and she loved the culture, the food and the views. Maria is HR qualified and she joined Pioneer and Beyond to help with the recruitment process of the English teachers and with admin tasks.


Lilo Li

Client Services Coordinator

Lilo is our Client Services Coordinator and P&B representative in China. Her main responsibilities are to assist our candidates to find a placement that matches their preferences, to support each teacher on their journey to China, from the potential job offer to their first day on the job. She is a Business (major in accountancy, specialisation customer coordination) graduate from the Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand. Lilo enjoys travelling, meeting new people, and has a keen interest in foreign Languages. She speaks English, Korean, and Mandarin.

Antoniy-Georgiev-pioneerbeyond1 (1)

Antoniy Georgiev

Recruitment Specialist

Antoniy Georgiev graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. After his graduation, he secured a job as an English Teacher in China through the Pioneer&Beyond team. After a year of teaching and travelling in China he came back to the UK to join the Pioneer&Beyond team as a recruitment adviser to other candidates looking to follow in his steps and explore the wonders of China. His passion for helping others and his experience as an English Teacher in China make him a valuable point of support for all of our candidates.


Lucas Leon Bezuidenhout and Jie Xing (Rose)

South African Office

Pioneer and beyond have now extended their services and opened a new office in Mossel Bay, South Africa where Lucas Leon Bezuidenhout and his partner Jie Xing (Rose) head up the team. Lucas used to be a teacher from 1999 to 2015 and has a bachelor degree from the University of Cape Town in professional English Teaching and Rose was an area manager in commercial business in China. Both of them make-up Pioneer and beyond South Africa and with their professional experience in education and commercial business they are an asset to Pioneer and Beyond and the growing English teaching market in China.


Riri Gachuhi

Recruitment Manager

Riri is our recruitment manager. She looks after a group of four employees that actively seek candidates that are interested in teaching English in China. Riri holds a master degree in Development Finance and she is a professional accountant. Riri decided to help Pioneer & Beyond to find teachers as she strongly believes that education and globalisation are the key to a better world.

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