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  • The Chinese Culture and the passion for teaching English are at the top of our agenda at Pioneer & Beyond.
  • We believe in a world where everyone should get access to opportunities, no matter the geographic limits. As a result, we offer support from the initial interview until the time of their stay in China.
  • Throughout the years, Pioneer & Beyond did not sit behind desks but created cross-cultural relationships with various schools. We have contacts from kindergartens to Universities. We select the best schools in the market to deliver rewarding experiences to our candidates.
  • Our team works tenaciously to create harmony in our networks and takes on board feedback to ensure growth and expansion. We like to get in contact with our candidates face to face, that`s why we participate in various career fairs all over the UK.
  • Our network of schools is located in different part of China. From famous cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Haikou, Qingdao, or smaller communities like Luoyang, Kaifeng and Ningbo.
  • Finally, we don`t require any teaching experience.
  • Therefore, if you are interested in taking on the adventure of your lifetime, just click here to apply.

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Pioneer & Beyond has been awarded for being

“Best Recruitment Experts for Chinese Educational Sector 2020” 

in England (UK).