The Ultimate Guide to WeChat teach english in china

A guide to China’s most popular social media app: WeChat

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The Ultimate Guide to WeChat specifically designed for English teachers in China. 

Having a WeChat account is a must  if you want any kind of social life after you relocate to China. This is a general guide and when you do register an account, the process might be slightly different but the guide should give you a general idea of the process and the different functions within the app.

In some cases, users are required to be verified by an existing WeChat account before they can register, if this happens to you please contact us.

Download the WeChat app from the app store
Continue to see...
what it looks like to receive a friend request.
You can press ‘+’ button for more functions..
You can change your profile photo, your name, and your WeChat ID which is the ID other people use to add you as a friend.
Please note, your WeChat ID can only be changed once.
You can share your QR code with others and they can add you as a new friend. Simple!
If you are chatting with someone or you are part of a bilingual group this function might be handy. If someone sends you a message in a different language, you can simply click on the message and click on "translate" from the drop-down menu.
The recipient
Your friend will receive a notification. They will need to press ‘Location sharing’, and then you will be able to see each others location in real time.Continue to see what it will look like on your friends phone:
Press OK
When you end real-time location sharing...
After you have downloaded the mobile app to your phone You might want to use WeChat on your computer to share documents, send screenshots, conduct video calla and so on.
Option 1: download the WeChat app
Official website:
Scan the QR code by using your phone ->
From your phone:
How to take a screenshot on your computer
How to send files from WeChat on your PC
Option 2: Login to WeChat through the official website (It only can be done using a WeChat account that has been active for a certain period of time)
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