Who Should Apply?

Individuals who are looking for a unique challenge, in addition to having the qualifications that are suitable for the role, being dynamic with the ability to inspire, an individual with a high Emotional quota and sensitive to cultural issues and engagement with students in order to development and their progress.
Teaching is a passion and therefore it is a key element that all individuals should have who are serious about undertaking the role in order to engage with education and make it a career path which is a vocational and inspirational career. The ability to teach, pass on knowledge and motivate individuals is a unique gift that not all people posses, therefore, knowing your own skills and abilities is an essential part of knowing if you are suitable for the job. For those who have a passion for knowledge, ability to enable the student to transform and develop during the learning process plus the stamina to sustain their passion for education are those who are suitable to apply. In addition to the above the language innovator should be adventurous, keen and conscientious with a dedicated spirit that will sustain them through all the challenges and adventures in China.