The Pioneer Difference

Mission statement:

We are offering individuals the opportunity to teach English and open new frontiers and create gateways and pathways to the EAST.

Vision statement:

The vision of Pioneer and BEYOND is to be the global leader by providing native speakers the opportunity to access the EAST.

What makes Pioneer & beyond different from others?

Pioneer and Beyond perceive a new generation of individuals that are looking for opportunities and “out of the Box” discoveries and adding more to the meaning of life, by experiencing a unique teaching experience in China. Currently, we are seeking to attract individuals who want to skip from their current life, exploit a different world and fall in love with adventure. In addition, have a new start in life by learning Chinese and embracing a new culture and facing new challenges.

China offers all the above, environmentally the landscape is vast and diverse as the cities that are built in and around the country itself. China enjoys the commercial advantages of all the western main cities such as Bejing, Shaghai and Guangdong.  In contrast, China also celebrates her natural culture and environment in cities that are not so exploited by capitalism.

So, what is the real motivation behind taking such a huge step? Individuals will benefit from an increase in knowledge management and intellectual quota that will increase their self-awareness, high achievement, autonomy, locus of control, risk taking and need for recognition.