1Are there any expenses as part of the recruitment process that I have to be concerned about?
Our service is completely free of charge. However, you might need to consider the cost of applying visa and the single flight ticket to China.

2I can’t communicate in Chinese. Is that an issue?
It is not a requirement to speak Chinese to the students as they know how to speak English. The expectations are that the Students want to be submerged in English during the class and so communicating in Chinese is actually frowned upon in class. You have the opportunity to learn Chinese with ease in China as some of our jobs offer free Chinese lessons, and you can also make lots of Chinese friends who can teach you Chinese as well.

3Will I earn enough to cover my living expenses?
The education sector offer a relatively competitive salary that permits you to have a good standard of living in China. Teachers discover that their salary gives them high spending power in China which is much higher than in their native home. There is a strong opportunity to live comfortably and save up to half your earnings.

4What am I to expect from my living conditions?
Some of our schools will provide you with free lodgings and others will pay you a higher salary or housing allowance and help you find suitable accommodation. All lodgings are fully furnished and to a Western standard.

5What is the process of obtaining a full visa?
The school will obtain all the necessary documents necessary to obtain a lvalid 1 year work (Z) visa which you will need. The documents will then be sent to you. Thereafter,, you will need to complete the visa application form and send it to the Chinese Embassy

6Who will pay for my travel expenses ?
Most schools will offer a flight allowance, thereafter, they will reimburse your flight costs which will be an agreed amount over a period of time. The normal procedure is that the flight allowance is paid after 6 months of work and the other half after 12 months although some schools will pay for your flight ticket up front.

7Will I need to obtain any vaccinations before going to China?
There are no mandatory vaccinations, as all schools are based in large cities. It may be a good idea to get a shot for Hepatitis A & B and discuss other suggestions with your local doctor.

8What happens if I get sick?
The school will provide a representative that will assist you in matters of ill health, as they will help you deal with the health system in China. In addition, most of our schools will provide health insurance.

9What qualifications do I need to have to apply for the internship programme in China?