2nd October 2017

No.87305 English Training Center in Weifang city, Shandong Province

                    At present, our English training centers have over thirty centers nationwide, with over 20,000 families enjoying the English learning experience. The most advanced and innovative American teaching philosophy is provided to the children of China by our English training centers. Traditional American Kindergarten (ages 2-6) and primary school (ages 7-12) curriculum is the heart of our educational structure. Certified foreign teachers, skilled research, and development team, and complete education oversight make up our educational configuration.   Being an after-school language training institute, we […]
27th September 2017

No.87304 Qingdao (city) English Training Center Job description

  Our kindergarten is designed to provide a secure, comfortable and stimulating environment for children from 2 to 6 years of age. A team of qualified and experienced staff offers warmth, care, and opportunities to learn so that the children can develop and grow in an ideal environment.   We are seeking qualified teachers who are able to work collaboratively with both Chinese and British staff to uphold our mission. Applicants should have a background of teaching, possess a record of professional development and teaching experience. In addition, candidates should […]
27th September 2017

No.87303 Beijing Kindergarten Job description

  With more than twenty-two years’ experience in childhood education, the Beijing Kindergarten’s mission is to develop its students into active and positive lifelong learners in addition to creating global citizens with a traditional Chinese heritage.   The school has sound infrastructures, the space design echoes the educational philosophy to create a spacious, safe and artistic environment for children, including classrooms, library, small kitchen, carpentry workshop, art gallery, music and dance room. The classrooms are equipped with an excellent air-conditioning system to protect Children.     Job Details Subject to […]
27th September 2017

No.87302 Beijing Kindergarten Job description

  At Beijing Kindergarten, we hold true to one very simple philosophy above all others; Children come first. Our expertly trained teachers deliver a unique tailor-made curriculum that combines the strongest elements and values of educational theory from the United Kingdom with a traditional Chinese education. We treat all children as individuals and cater specifically for their emotional, cognitive and physical growth – recognizing that these factors are interrelated and essential to creating a whole child. Entwined with our multicultural environment, this allows us to nurture learners who are self-motivated […]