30th March 2018

Teaching English to Chinese Kindergarten Children

My first teaching job was at a primary school. I taught mathematics to standard four children in rural Nyeri. Teaching in English, was especially difficult in this case since the kids spoke mostly in their native tongue. That was when I decided to teach kindergarten children. To provide the basis they so strongly needed. And as fate would have it, a spot popped up for a kindergarten teacher in China. The change was huge for me. I moved from classrooms with desks and chalkboards, to rooms strewn with toys and […]
30th March 2018

How to teach Chinese kids English

Teaching English as a foreign language in kindergartens is increasingly becoming a trend in many different countries across the world. Preschool children are given an opportunity to learn a second language, usually English in instances where their native language also happens to be the national language. China is no exception, with Chinese being their first language leaves a majority of the population and young children who haven’t been to school as native speakers with no command of the queen’s language. There are several advantages making this stage the best time […]
24th February 2018

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3rd October 2017

An alternative career path

There are legitimate reasons for an unemployment rate anywhere in the world and they are usually due to closed businesses, tight budgets or a turnaround in operations. However, one problem may be that “job seekers” searches are too narrow and they generally look for “type cast roles” that everyone wants. Could the majority of those candidates benefit from an alternative career path? The cold facts There were 1.46 million unemployed people and the UK unemployment rate declined to 4.3 percent in the three months running up to July 2017, in […]